Benefits of Being Emotionally Intelligent

The topic of emotional intelligence has been touched on briefly in my book, The Spark.” 

As a brief review, emotional intelligence refers to a person’s ability to perceive, evaluate, and control emotions. While we all have this innate ability to gain access to our feelings, it is through reinforcement and environmental conditioning that help us master these capabilities.

While society has always favored academic intelligence, there are several benefits for emotionally intelligent people. Here are some examples of those benefits:

1. It allows you to build healthy relationships.

Emotionally intelligent people can build healthy relationships because they know the subtle cues and skills necessary to build trust and understanding. People who are also emotionally intelligent can resolve conflict effectively, ensuring no person feels left out or disappointed. They also become valued members of the community, workplace, and home.

2. It helps you manage stress better.

People with emotional intelligence have a better understanding of what stresses them out. Their strength in self-awareness allows them to find ways to manage their stress levels and to find an outlet that helps resolve these feelings without harming themselves or others. Many creative people use art like dance to outlet their emotions and stress.

3. It helps you deal with change effectively.

The only thing constant in nature is change. Whether it’s a task or a routine change, emotionally intelligent people can easily accept sudden changes. This is because they have a positive mindset and take these instances as opportunities for better learning opportunities, thus enabling them to become flexible and highly-adaptable people.

Being emotionally intelligent comes with several benefits. When you take the time to develop emotional intelligence, you’ll find that it uncovers many opportunities in your work and personal life. Take your time to learn practical interpersonal skills like conflict resolution, and you’ll find your life improving with each passing day.

– by Cheryl Ale, author of The Spark: The Legacy that Changed the Dance World

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