Why Dance is Beneficial for Young Children

Many parents take the time to enroll their kids in dance classes for various reasons.

Some reasons may be because they’re hoping to improve their little one’s posture or allow them to control their boisterous energy. Whatever the case, there are several benefits that parents can expect some time after their kids start dance classes:

1. Improved physical health.

Dance encourages the use of the body to express emotions through the art of movement. It also provides opportunities for children to improve their range of motion, flexibility, and overall strength. This makes them naturally adept at physical activities in school, like sports.

2. Offers socialization opportunities.

Dance classes offer opportunities for children to socialize with their own peers. Children who learn and work together become well-acquainted, developing into friendships. Encourage your little ones to make as many friends as possible and try to set up a small get-together with the parents so they can bond. Who knows? You and your little one may be friends for life!

3. Encourages creativity.

Dance is an art form that enables the use of the body to move along with the rhythm. Allowing a child to have a creative outlet like dancing encourages them to express their emotions in innovative and artistic ways. 

4. Enhances brain development.

Aside from physical development, dance encourages brain development by engaging the brain’s creative side and the sections responsible for kinesthetic learning. This benefit ensures that your child can make the most of their ever-growing brain the longer they stay in dance classes.

Dance classes are an excellent opportunity for both parents and children. To find out which dance is best for your child, consider looking around at local dance workshops and see which dance form speaks to your child’s personality. Good luck, and remember to encourage them to have fun!

by Cheryl Ale, author of The Spark: The Legacy that Changed the Dance World

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