Why Dance is Much More than Just a Workout

Many people often consider dancing as a form of workout. Regarding using your body to perform certain moves and feats, it’s no surprise why many people often seek dance as a way to shed some extra pounds.

However, dance is more than just a workout. It is also an art form with its legitimate history and cultural impact. Here are some reasons why dance is art:

1. It combines well with the music.

Music is another art form that uses instruments and vocals to evoke sound. Dance is closely associated with music, which can range from classical music to contemporary pieces.

2. It’s a valid form of expression.

Art is an outlet for a person’s mood and emotions. Dance is another artform that involves the use of the body to move along the rhythm. Combine this with suitable music, and you can see the emotions clearly displayed in the piece. One example is the “Dying Swan” piece in Swan Lake, where the dancer evokes the true expression of agony in her movements.

3. It is closely tied to culture and tradition.

Some dance types are closely associated with a nation’s culture and their own art forms. For instance, kabuki is a traditional Japanese dance artform that includes showcasing a story, elaborate costumes, and intricate makeup worn by the performers.

4. It tells a story.

Many dances tell a story that may be passed on from generation to generation or from culture to culture. Some examples include Swan Lake, the Nutcracker, and Sleeping Beauty, to name a few.

Dance is not just a workout. It’s a legitimate art form transcends time, culture, and language. When taught well, it can be preserved so performers can continue sharing it with future generations. If you’re curious about what kind of dance you’d like to try, contact your nearest dance center to see what lessons they offer. Good luck!

– by Cheryl Ale, author of The Spark: The Legacy that Changed the Dance World

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