Am I Too Old to Be a Ballerina?

Ballet is an incredible and deeply moving art form that has been around for centuries. For girls who didn’t have the opportunity to join dance classes, they may find themselves wondering if it’s too late, and they ask this question:

“Am I too old to dance ballet?”

The simple answer is no. You are never too old. You are never too young, big, or short to dance ballet. Ballet is for everyone, and in my book, “The Spark,” I talk about how I was able to dance ballet despite not meeting the “ideal” ballerina body type. Having a bow leg from a childhood accident could make certain moves difficult. Still, you’ll find that you can maneuver specific steps to your advantage to tailor them to you.

If you need additional encouragement, here are other reasons why it’s never too late to start learning ballet:

1. You want a great workout.

Physical movement is essential when you want to shed a couple of pounds. If you’re thinking of picking up ballet to enhance your range of motion and flexibility, then go for it! You’ll also learn the proper posture and techniques to help tone your muscles and form.

2. It gives your brain that much-needed workout.

Your body isn’t the only thing benefitting from ballet. The section of your brain that deals with creativity and the areas that deal with muscle coordination and movement will also be beneficial—making it a great workout inside out.

3. You want to express your emotions through dance.

Any art form transcends age, culture, language, and gender. In short, it’s for everybody. If you feel that the best way to express yourself is through the art of ballet, then you should go for it!

Fortunately, many ballet centers offer classes for adults. If you are considering joining a class, contact your nearest dance center and ask for a schedule. Good luck and have fun!

– by Cheryl Ale, author of The Spark: The Legacy that Changed the Dance World

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