Breathatarians: How Proper Breath Control Elevates Dance

In my book, “The Spark,” I talk about how Breathatarians should not be confused with Breatharians. While breatharians believe that a person can live without consuming food, breathatarians, on the other hand, simply breathe.

Now, you might be wondering, “Just breathe? In that case, I’m a breathatarian too!” You’re right, but the word I explicitly apply to is in dance because it teaches us direct energy downwards. Directing such energy downwards is crucial in RPM because we use science in practical methods.

In dance, we must learn to utilize breathing and dancing in tandem. When we breathe upward, then go down (like executing a plié), we again go up, which is the desired effect. This directional instruction of breathing exercises helps dancers to make imperceptible patterns, seamlessly transitioning from one dance move to another and, above all else, relaxing.

Breathing exercises are essential for dancers because learning to control their breathing consciously helps prevent muscle fatigue. For instance, a dancer pushing themselves in class or during a performance requires extra oxygen. This instance is true because the muscles in our respiratory system work harder and faster to meet the increased demand. If said muscles are weak, they will tire. The body will then grab oxygen from our muscles, resulting in premature fatigue.

When you perform breathing exercises, you ensure your diaphragm and intercostals can withstand various movements. When this happens, your breathing becomes efficient, and so will your dance. 

Another point we have to discuss is that breathing exercises help shed tension. Many consider tension a dancer’s worst nightmare because of its effects on the body—dancers who frequently experience stress and anxiety during a performance. However, the RPM method does not endorse tension because it leads to injury. One way to combat tension is to practice practical breathing exercises, among other things.

It’s not radical to say that teaching students proper breathing techniques are just as important as showing them the proper techniques. If anything, we are teaching them to be in tune with their body, to engage their energy from within and around them, and then take flight!

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