What Does an RPM-Certified Teacher Offer?

RPM, or the Revolutionary Principles of Movement, aims to replace outdated thinking in teaching the art of classical ballet. Pioneers Ruth Petrinovic and Jo Anna Kneeland have created a unique system by incorporating a holistic approach to dance and movement.

The training methods utilized in RPM allow dangers of all ages and physicalities and hopes to train safely, healthily, and productively.

Suppose you have dreams of becoming a dancer but feel that certain factors are holding you back (i.e., your age, body type, and physical limitations). In that case, consider attending an RPM-certified dance school.

Here are some things you can expect from an RPM-certified instructor:

1. Master Teachers are knowledgeable.

RPM-certified teachers are certified and trained based on current research and training practices. Thanks to the developments in the science of teaching and kinesthetics, students can expect a well-rounded and knowledgeable teacher to help them become the best dancers they can be.

2. Holistic Teaching Methods.

RPM-certified teachers’ teaching methods emphasize the dancer’s health and well-being. Instead of focusing on perfection for perfection’s sake, teachers are tasked to help students adapt to their natural kinesthetic ability while determining their strengths and weaknesses as a dancer. This method empowers students and teachers alike because they are encouraged to make things work for them instead of focusing on what is “perfect.”

3. Encourages Your Love For Dance.

Many RPM-certified teachers are passionate individuals who love dance. By starting their schools and allowing students to learn the fundamentals of RPM and how to apply it to movement, students can ensure that their love for dance stays intact. RPM-certified schools also provide that students of all ages can have fun as their love for dance grows by the minute.

Takeaway: The Revolutionary Principles of Movement empowers teachers and students by incorporating scientific-based research in kinesthetics. If you want a safe and empowering way to learn to dance for yourself or your little ones, check out https://rpm.dance/.

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