Reasons Why Posture is Essential in Dance

One of the first lessons we learn in dance is proper posture. Posture refers to the most mechanically effective positioning of the body. This proper alignment of the body ensures that dancers achieve the correct form while preventing possible risks. In most schools, teachers help students correct the alignment of their back, arms, and legs.

Here are some reasons why proper posture is essential in dance.

1. It keeps the bones and joints in the correct alignment.

The muscles control proper skeletal alignment; the abdominals are the most critical muscles for appropriate alignment. To achieve proper alignment, dancers may stand profile to the mirror and observe a center line down to the side of the body, not the silhouette. For younger students, teachers may visualize proper alignment with the help of chalk.

When the bones and joints are in the correct alignment, this position ensures dancers use their muscles properly. Proper posture also prevents the body from being fixed on “abnormal” positions, thus guaranteeing efficient muscle use.

2. It prevents injury.

Improper posture increases the wear and tear of joint surfaces. It also stresses the ligaments responsible for holding the joints together. When a person constantly adds stress to their bones and joints, it can lead to more pressure on the body, thus leading to fatigue and possible injuries.

3. It saves energy.

Proper alignment ensures that the muscles and joints are “performance ready,” i.e., in their natural state, they can execute and perform specific tasks and movements naturally and stress-free. When we apply a naturalistic way of training, we conserve energy during practice, thus giving us more time to perform other tasks.

Takeaway: Proper alignment or posture is one of the most important lessons taught by RPM-certified schools nationwide. To learn more about the Revolutionary Principles of Movement, visit our website at

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