How to Motivate Young Dancers to Continue Dancing

Being a dance teacher is genuinely inspiring but not always easy. After all, each class has a group of students with different needs, skill levels, and expectations.

This responsibility is especially true if one is teaching children. As a dance instructor, one must learn to encourage children to do their best while balancing these factors. Sadly, most children tend to quit when they feel unmotivated or overwhelmed. A recent report shows that at least 70% of kids quit playing sports before age 13.

While it’s ultimately the student’s choice, it always helps to encourage them to give dancing another shot. If you’re curious about how to do so, here are some handy tips:

1. Set Goals.

Setting goals during the first part of class helps motivate children. When preparing for the goals of the day’s lesson, make sure they’re well-defined, realistic, and achievable so it’ll guide children on what they should do.

Write these goals and place them where the dancers can see them; that way, they’ll motivate themselves to commit.

For example, you can say or write: “Today we’ll show our favorite dance move to the class.” This step helps keep children engaged while allowing instructors to find what they must work on.

2. Encourage.

Setting goals is not enough. After setting the goals, provide enough encouragement to keep your students engaged. Provide positive reinforcement when they execute a move well and show patience when they struggle with specific steps.

3. Set an Example.

Children learn better when you show them instead of merely instructing them. Make dance class more engaging by offering them step-by-step instructions on how to execute a move. Remember to encourage them to follow after you and keep a positive attitude throughout.

Takeaway: Children are still growing physically and emotionally, so they may need help to achieve specific goals in class. Nevertheless, teachers should encourage children to learn from their mistakes and try again so they’ll know the value of hard work and perseverance.

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